Tuesday, October 7, 2008

21st Anniversary of Mike's Death

Boot Camp Journal Entry from 25 years ago

Today, October 7, is the 21st anniversary of Mike's death. It's difficult to believe it has been that long. In fact, the first birthday I had after Mike's death was my 21st birthday. Then again, there has been so much that has happened since that date, October 7, 1987, that it really shouldn't surprise me that it has indeed been as long.

I'm posting an entry from Mike's boot camp journal that he wrote almost exactly 25 years ago. It's another example of what he was doing, thinking, and going through at this point in his life--when he was just 18 years old.

I've read this entry numerous times, and it always gets to me when I read the part when he mentions his Judgment Day and the Pearly Gates.

11 OCT 83 (Tuesday)

Today was alright I guess. We started out testing ourselves on different things to prepare ourselves for soldier's stakes. I was one of the testers because I am an assistant squad leader. That was alright. I gave 4 NO GO's and I didn't want to. It was funny watching their expression on their face change when I said, "NO GO."

Then we ate chow and pretty much (messed around) the rest of the day.

I started an allotment (donation) to Catholic Relief Services (ISA). I'm donating $5/month, $60/year. I feel good about it. Maybe it'll help me on judgment day!? It also helped when I heard we get it back in tax returns. I had my mind made up before he said that though. So it makes me feel better. Like I didn't do it just for the BIG DAY at the PEARLY GATES. I hope the Lord knows that.

Tonight I've got phone guard at 2200 until 2300. Wake up is at 0330. We start Tactical BIOVAC tomorrow with a 22-mile march to range 59. I heard it was the shits. I guess I have to wait and find out, huh?....

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