Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Entry: Mike's boot camp journal

3 OCT 83 (Monday)

Today was an exciting day. We got up at 0300. Everything was "Hurry up and wait" until the troop carriers came. Then we went to range 35. We went to qualify. I was really depressed after I shot my 40 rounds. I looked at my score card and had 19 misses. You are only allowed 17 or you don't qualify! What a trip! I get up to get my medal and find out I did qualify, but with 23 hits instead of 21. They must've given me a 2 hit break. I hesitantly thanked the Lord. I didn't feel as though I earned it.

When we got back to the barracks we cleaned our rifles then went to get my 4th hair cut. In the meantime after getting my hair cut I went to the PX and snack bar and found a letter, one my favorite letters, had been overlooked. I picked it up and read it. It was from my Aunt Kay Hardie. Never have I been complimented so much in a letter before. I also feel as though I know a whole different Kay Hardie.

I'm keeping it in the back of my jounal for use when I feel depressed. I know it will help. Read it. My tear jerker...
Click on the letter for a larger view.

This 3-page letter is still in the back of his Army boot camp journal. Thanks, Kay! It sure meant a lot to Mike. In the letter, it talked about some difficult times she had been going through, and it states:

I remember you for being such a loving--open and demonstrative--person. What an asset you have! ...and I continue to remember you and your loving ability, Mike. You serve as an example, an inspiration, to me.

Here's the hand-written letter as it was found in the back on his journal.

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