Tuesday, July 29, 2008

About Mike's boxing

Like I've said, I never liked to watch Mike fight in the boxing ring--especially after one of his boxing matches he had in our high school gymnasium. Something went wrong with his head gear (Is that what boxers call it?!), and it was twisting and moving all over the place on him while he was boxing. He could barely see at times, and I was getting upset because the ref didn't stop the fight to let him readjust it, or tighten it...or WHATEVER it needed. It's not like he could have fixed it on the fly...with his gloves on! Ugh, I can still see myself in the bleachers--looking up at Mike in the ring for a fraction of a second, "Oooh!" then looking down and having my friends give me a play-by-play. "Isn't the ref stopping them to let him FIX IT?!" Oh, I couldn't stand it (so I crouched down in the bleachers instead)!

Mike is the one in the red jersey.

I still don't like to watch ANYONE box. Boxing was, however, something Mike took up for a while, and he did fairly well at it. So, I'm sure he had a sense of accomplishment when he won matches and this trophy.

Here's a newspaper clipping that we still have.
A bit closer to read...

This is the group of Golden Gloves boxers on a Boundary Waters canoeing and camping trip. (Most of these boxers are named in the larger news clipping above.) Mike kept this picture in the back of his Army boot camp journal.

Mike is on the far right in back.

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