Friday, July 11, 2008

We wish you had been there with us...

There have been so many events throughout the years that we wished you could have celebrated with us. These are only a small handful.

My college graduation...just a couple of years after you passed away. (Chris never went through his ceremony.)

Even before this, Mom took us to Mazatlan...and we all went parasailing. I know you would've jumped at the chance to do that! Then maybe Chris wouldn't have made me go first!

You were noticeably gone from this family photo...along with Grandma Hardie. She passed away just two years after you did. She said many, MANY rosaries for you, my brother!
A couple of years after Chris and I were out of college, Grandpa Hardie took the whole family on a cruise. (I'll have to dig up a picture from that trip.) You would have had fun watching Grandpa play black jack. He still played two hands going at once at 85+ years old!

My wedding. You would really like Joe. Everybody does! He treats me like a queen, and he (like you) talks more than Chris and Dad! I met him a month after your funeral.

Here are all of your nieces and nephews! I've told them lots of stories about you! Knowing how much you loved playing with little kids and holding babies, I know you would've liked to have a bunch of kids also.

Here they are now. You know I named my Mikey after you? (Don't mention this to Uncle Michael though.) My Mikey even looks like you, doesn't he? I think Jimmer has more of your personality though. He likes mischief!

Chris has a lot of fun playing with my kiddos, but he could have used a little uncle help from you...more than once!

Remember when you lived with Connie and Steve--when Connie was expecting a baby? Well, here's the baby you had fun holding that year--Courtney (& Ben) on her wedding day in 2004. I know you would have loved witnessing that celebration!

Your Godmother, Aunt "Mayno", even got married a couple of years ago. See her in the black top? John, her husband, has on the green tie. They first dated in high school...probably around the time you were born.

Chris, Joe, Tony and Uncle Gary sure could have used your help on the bocce ball court at our family reunion last year at Steve and Connie's. Tony probably would've appreciated your help with teaching our kids how to play pool, ping pong, and Wii. He had his hands full!

We miss you, Mike!

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