Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pieces of Mike

Even after more than 20 years of Mike's passing, I'm reminded of him daily--sometimes in thoughts and other times just in the handful of his belongings I now have and still use today. Besides many of his photos, military awards, personal journal, wallet (that he had on him in the last moments of his life), and other writings and letters that I keep in a box, I have a few other things of his that catch my eye every day as I pass by them.

Mike made this mug in Great Uncle Bill's basement in 1971 during our annual Thanksgiving visit to Dubuque. Great Uncle Bill had his own pottery wheel and kiln, and he had us sit in front of him as he helped us shape our various creations at the wheel. Then we decorated them by making impressions with various items (nails, etc.) I'm not sure where this mug was in our house in Shakopee, but it must've been in a more honorable place than where Mom put my silly vase with a neck that was too narrow to fit anything but a few skimpy dried flowers. She put my vase on the back of our downstairs toilet! I now see this mug every day as it sits on my bedroom bookshelf holding back a few books.

This step stool Mike made in junior high wood shop has come in pretty handy--especially over the past 9 years since we've had kids. Jimmer still likes a bit of a boost at the sink, so it's been put to good use! It'll probably go in my closet next!

Would you believe the T.V. Mike bought in Germany ('84-'86) is still working well? Granted we're not big T.V. watchers, but all the better since I can still use it today! I used it as my main T.V. until I got married in 1996! A good buy, Mike!

As I mentioned at the end of the "Some pictures..." post, I also still have Mike's jacket he had made in Germany and wore frequently. I used to wear it occasionally, but some of the material is getting thin, so I have it in my closet on a hanger under a sweater I wear to church.

I'm sure Mom, Chris and Dad also have similar reminders of Mike in their homes.

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