Saturday, July 26, 2008

From Mom-- Memories of Mike: Early Years in Minnesota

Mike was always coming up with some great (???) ideas. When we lived by Lake Calhoun in the Twin Cities, I babysat two other children. One day I heard a lot of laughing in the basement where the kids played during the winter. I went downstairs and found a cloud of dust coming from a corner. In the middle of the cloud were two barely visible faces. Mike and Kimmy (one of the kids I babysat) decided that it would be great fun throwing cement around and playing in it. Honestly, it took FOREVER to get the cement out of their hair and everyplace else it decided to settle. Cleaning up the basement was no picnic either.

Our first Halloween in the Twin Cities was a memorable one. Mike was so excited. When the doorbell rang the very first time, he went running to the door to see who was there. Oh my goodness. He screamed bloody murder. There was a young boy (in his teens, I think) wearing a gorilla like mask. He had a furry winter jacket on. I think the combination was too much for Mike. I had to carry him the whole time we were trick or treating. He was afraid of everything that night.

When we lived on Fremont Ave. in Bloomington, MN, we belonged to St Richards Parish. They were having a parish festival and Kay thought we should take the kids to it. Mike tried this one game – throwing a ball to knock down something or other – and kept missing. After each attempt, with his right hand in a fist and his left hand open, he’d ram his right fist into his left hand, no sound other than that. He was determined to win. And he did, eventually. Couldn’t tell you how many tries, but it was a lot.

The event that produced the two black eyes and huge knob on his forehead happened in usual Mike fashion. It was in November and we were going to the park and Mike was very excited to get there. Once there, he had his sights set on the swings and slide. He took off and ran down the hill straight for the play area. He never saw the rock that tripped him because he was focused further ahead. Oh, that big black knob was ugly. No Christmas card that year.

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Laura said...

I remember the picture of us kids on Santa's lap, I just didn't remember the story behind it! Great memories!

Again, I'm glad you took the time to write these down. Otherwise, the stories would have been lost!