Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some pictures...

Mike's baptism with Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve, his Godparents.

Mike's the one in my mom's arms.

Wasn't he a cute kid?

Here he is feeding me a bottle. What, Mom? You just let me teeter on top of that pillow on his two-year-old lap? Geez!

Mike is the one with the cast on his arm. (Have I mentioned he was a curious boy?) This picture doesn't really show his two nice shiners he also got with a broken arm! Wasn't he nice in letting me sleep on the inside of this lovely gold-colored vintage crushed velvet couch? What chivalry at such a young age!

Now this is more like Mike--awake and ready to go. Mom, where's that picture of all us kids on Santa's lap with Mike and his cast...and two black eyes?

Thanks, Mom! Here's it is. I must've been thinking of something else since I don't see a cast in the photo. This one always makes me laugh! A big knob on his forehead and two black eyes. Classic!
I don't remember getting a picture of what Mike looked like after taking our dog (tied to his bike) for a run. Supey went around a telephone pole one way, and Mike went on the other side. What a mess!

A proud First Communicant!

Mike's fourth grade class. There he is in the middle with the dark blue turtleneck. I need a little help naming his classmates in this picture. Anyone?

Boxing days. Ooooh, I really didn't like watching any of it.
Mike is the one in the red jersey. I'm thinking that's Dad (assistant coach) on the right side talking to him outside of the ring.

Mike with Steve, Connie, and Kelly during the year he lived with them in Dubuque.

1983 high school graduation picture. At least his hair fit in the picture frame better than Chris's did. Mike was blessed with lots of curls, but Chris has a natural 'fro. Back in the 70s and early 80s, that meant size J-5 (as in Jackson 5), as in...BIG!

Mom must've made him put on his formal uniform so she could get this picture. Formal really wasn't Mike's thang.

This was more his style. He's the one on the left.

Mike at Alcatraz. I believe this picture was taken while he was on leave from Germany. I still have the jacket he's wearing in this picture. I've kept it because I know he really liked it.

See, here's the back of the jacket that shows when he was in Germany and has Shakopee and Minnesota written down the arms.

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Renee said...

Thanks for sharing the young pictures of Mike, that is awesome that you have them or are getting them. How did he get the black eyes, when he was so young?