Monday, July 28, 2008

Tear Drops

I never want to forget Mike's most unique physical feature. In fact, I can't believe I hadn't scoured every picture I have of Mike to look for his signature "teardrop earlobes" until now.

I was going through some of Mike's papers and found a letter written by his aunt and godmother, Mary (a.k.a. Aunt Mayno), and in the letter it reminded me of his special lobes everyone made such a big fuss about all his life! It said...
There's a young fellow I know, an extremely earnest individual, blessed with handsome features, good humor, a sense of adventure, an emotional streak, a loving heart and a soul of gold. It's as plain to see as the tear-dropped shaped earlobes he was born with...

I'm convinced that my godson is my godsend.

The best picture I have of his earlobes is his high school graduation photo. Here it is before I zoom in...
Here is a closer look.

Check it out.
Since this picture doesn't show it fully, you really would have had to see them in person...and then you would be left with the real memory of his tear drops.

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Anonymous said...

Glad Mayno talked about his tear drop ears! That certainly was the talk when I got off the train from Minnesota and newly born Mike and family were there to greet me. That was the first thing I noticed!

Aunt Kay