Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Mikey--the nephew you never met

Dear Uncle Mike,

I've heard a lot of stories about you and that I was named after you. I think it's cool that you were a soldier. I love to draw military vehicles and dress up like a soldier.

I bet we'd have fun playing together--especially if you were here with Uncle Chris. He has fun with us too. Once he put all us kids in a big box and rolled it all around the living room. We called it the "tornado box." It was fun!

Mom says you liked to build and fix things. I like to do those things too. I have lots of things to build with, and we could've built lots of neat structures together.

Mikey (9)


Renee said...

Mikey, from what I see you look so much like your Uncle Mike. I have also heard about him. That is so near and awesome that you still hear so many stories about him.

Anonymous said...
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