Friday, July 25, 2008

From Cousin Dianne

I do think of Mike all of the time and remember him in my prayers each day. Sometimes we might feel like our loved ones have been forgotten but I' m sure they are not. Not much of a story but I do remember when Mike was in that treatment facility and I called him just to say hello. I said this is your aunt Dianne and he said aren't we cousins? I felt like an idiot but I guess I felt old enough to be his aunt. We had a laugh about that.


Carolyn (Mike's Mom) said...

So glad to hear from the Knopp side of the family. My three always got so excited when they knew we would be seeing you all. And, yes, you were just that much older that I can see how you would feel more like an Aunt than a cousin. They loved it when one or more of you would be babysitting them. I loved my time with your family more than you know.

Laura said...

That IS funny! I'm sure Mike needed a good laugh at that point! Good thing you were an aunt many times over by then...or I'd have to wonder about you, Dianne! ;)

Our family WAS kind of a middle generation in the whole Cox/Knopp/Hayes families, weren't we?

Much love...