Friday, July 11, 2008

From Ronda (Darby) Dessin

Ronda was one of our neighborhood friends as well as one of Mike's classmates. She and her brother, Jeff, were probably the first friends Mike brought home for us to meet when we first moved to Shakopee. Like I've mentioned in his story, Mike made friends for us. Ronda and Jeff were always called into play for our neighborhood games of kick-the-can, football, Annie Annie over...!

I would like to add a comment about the prankster, Michael

My Memory

It was Halloween, I can't even remember the year. I was home watching a spooky movie and passing out candy to the youngsters knocking at the door. Everytime I had to go out into the porch to the door, I had a nervous feeling about what I might find when looked through the window. It was always an adorable young kid in a cute costume UNTIL that one knock came and I went to the door and looked out the window too see a scary mask looking back at me. I totally freaked, screamed and ran back inside and hid under the covers. I could hear someone laughing outside and knocking on the door but couldn't find the courage to go back out there. The next day Mike came to the door with this huge smile on his face explaining that it was him pulling one of his numerous pranks on me.

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Laura said...


Thanks so much for adding your memories! See, I don't remember any of that. I guess that's where being a couple of years younger I missed quite a bit. Thank you again!